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Seasoned Logs

Seasoned Logs Warwick Our bulk bag hardwood logs are seasoned in a vented polytunnel to kiln dried quality. Our Oak – Ash– Beech and Cherry wood is seasoned to very low moisture levels typically to 18%. The benefits of our process against outdoor seasoned logs is higher heat during drying process is up to 40% this summer, with great airflow and of course as the wet autumn arrives it has no effect on the firewood. Another benefit of our process against kiln drying is mainly environmental. Wood drying in kilns burns a tremendous amount of wood to actually heat the kiln to dry the wood creating a larger carbon footprint, and secondly is cost. Kilns are expensive to buy and operate; hence the premium price you pay for this type of firewood. Our firewood wins on both counts why because 1. It is sustainably sourced from managed timber production 2. Is properly seasoned and delivered in clean vented bulk bags ( Large size 75mq – this means not small builders bags which are 5mq)

Our Bulk Bag Hardwood mix is available for £85 per bag which is a mix of Oak, Ash, Beech and Cherry wood.