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Christmas Trees Leek Wootton

Christmas Trees Leek Wootton

Christmas Trees Leek Wootton

Thanks Barn Close Nurseries for donating the Christmas Tree of Light

Christmas Trees Leek Wootton at Barn Close Nurseries offer the best selection of premium Scottish Christmas Tree’s in the area.

Available in 5 varieties from 3 feet to 30 feet. Our cut tree’s arrive on a weekly basis to ensure the best fresh look.

Varieties are the popular Nordman Fir’s, Norway Fir’s, Blue Spruce, Frazer Fir’s and Amorica’s.

Our potted Christmas Tree’s are grown in sandy soil meaning they retain much of the fibrous roots to keep them alive, so they have a high possibility of surviving the following year. These are available in 3 varieties – Frazer Fir’s, Amorica’s and Blue Spruce.

We offer two sizes in potted tree’s:

  • Small can range from 2 feet to 3 feet
  • Large can range from 3 feet to 4 feet

Also available is our own handmade natural wreaths and crosses including a selection of Christmas indoor plants like the beautiful British grown poinsettia.

We have been selling Christmas trees for over 40 years so you can be sure of a professional and experienced service.

Christmas Trees Leek Wootton


Due to customer demand, we have increased our range of lights and decorations:

  • Lights – LEDs
  • Fibre Optics
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas novelty gifts
  • Fresh Holly Wreaths
  • And much more…


Many of us are guilty of not taking too much care of our Christmas Tree but you can extend the “just cut appearance” of your tree by following these simple tips.

  • If you have not time to put the tree up when you get it home keep it in a garage.
  • The needles drop off because of a lack of water and the higher temperature – think of your tree as a large cut flower i.e. provide water for it to drink!
  • Check your lights and flexes are in good condition and unplug the lights at night.
  • Consider LED lights on your tree – they use less electricity and produce less heat thus reducing the drying out effect on your tree.
  • Buy a water retaining stand and in a cool place which will result in minimal needle drop
  • Norway Spruce are known as the traditional Christmas tree, these are more suited to outdoors, however if you keep in a cool place in the home (not near a radiator) it should last past Christmas providing its given lots of water.

Other Services

All tree’s are netted, and we can load trees into your car, we also offer blocking service for smaller trees.

If you have your own stand we will even ensure your tree fits, please bring it with you on the day you choose your tree. We also can make custom steel stands for those larger tree’s.

We also offer a delivery service, and erected at an extra cost please ask at the counter or call to obtain more information.